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Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad! Of course, there are bound to be quite a few Jeff Fischer's out in the world, but not all of them would be lucky enough to actually play a character named "Jeff Fischer. He then wakes up in a hospital, having been dead for six minutes, which restored Hayley's free will. Stan breaks Clooney's heart himself by breaking off their friendship, while a gleeful Francine watches through video cameras hidden in Clooney's room. This rampage has also shown that she possesses incredible superhuman strength and is incapable of stopping altogether until she's been completely sedated. On the night that the spaceship comes to pick up Roger, he tosses Jeff in the transport beam instead of himself and Jeff is abducted, leaving Hayley all alone. Directed by Anthony Lioi.

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Joel Larson

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, despite being a vegetarian, she has been known to eat meat, again in " Camp Refoogee ", for example. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Unfortunately, due to brain damage, Stan loses all memory of Klaus. Jeff disappeared for a time after Phantom of the Telethonwhere he was performing hacky-sack tricks on-stage at a telethon when a boat, pushed by Roger, fell on him. Both are saved when Roger offers to return to his home planet instead.

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real life haley american dad
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real life haley american dad
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