Nudist and skin cancer

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I must agree that sunlight is very healthybut like anything else,in excess,is bad and will cause bad things to happen period. Clothing locks us into a collective unreality that prescribes complex responses to social status, roles and expected behaviors. I am not a naturist or anything - but I am thinking of trying this sunbathing on a nudist beach. As we work for the good of nature, we must also work for the good and the freedom of our bodies, especially as they may be integrated with the rest of nature. Next a retired soldier commented that during the time he and his comrades had been chasing Rommel around the north African desert, they had worn little more than shorts and a sun hat. Many of these quotes and ideas are taken from other sources or excerpted from larger works.

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I didn't realize there was this many uneducated hippies on this site.

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Sunlight does NOT cause skin cancer!

Too much sun is bad. For example, in the mid-nineteenth century, a tiny waist was considered a sign of beauty, and, in order to achieve this standard, women bound themselves into corsets designed to constrict the stomach and other internal organs inward and upward, creating the appearance of a tiny middle. My ex fiancee was in school for naturopathic medicine at SCNM, and we did an experiment once from something she was taught in class. In the latter half of the century the wire hoop and spring- like bustle were also added for the appearance of fullness. Do Christians dislike atheists for the same reason that tailors dislike nudists?

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nudist and skin cancer
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nudist and skin cancer
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