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My older brother, during our childhood was a bit of a bully. My wife and I are in our sixties and we have sex multiple times every day Now tell him dirty stories or ask him point blank questions and then watch his penis. When she dismounts she will casually ignore him, dismissing him abruptly, sending him off to continue his housework, followed by taunts and insults. Over the next 5 days my husband ask for permission and masturbated 12 more times, to this day if I mention it he gets hard. I asked for it and sometimes I get more than I bargained for.

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This relationship does not involve chains and whips.

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Men are incredibly easy to train if you understand what drives them. Forced nudity causes your husband to reveal his private parts to be judged by all and that's a scary thing for all men. I began to rub my pussy on him, knowing I had to tinkle, and when the time was right, I let loose down his leg. One of the simplest forms of physical discipline is denying the man one of the basics of human pride: His internal rationale is, he'll do it to please you.

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