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Never thought him handsome. He also appeared with her in the stage play, Liliomin Country Playhouse, Westport, Connecticut, in I've heard about him being gay for the last 35byears and I'm a straight female 63 year old. When Natalie started acting, she also tore off a live butterfly's wings in front of her to make her cry on cue. Fair use and Wikipedia: Inhe had one film, The Eddy Duchin Storyat 12; and in the last year of his film career,one film, Witness for the Prosecutionat

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Tyrone Power V: Sexual Orientation Rumors

I still sort of pray that someone comes forth and says that all that suttlebutt was big BS from backstabbers in his life time. I, too, find it strange that a man who told Mai Zetterling he couldn't live without her breasts and bottom and wrote such passionate letters to his wives has suddenly become bisexual, but it's the age we live in especially in publishing. I shouldn't believe him? I would be extremely happy if you would fix up the image description pages. Believe me he was all man. The reference, "Stars in the Corps" is searchable through google books and returns only one non-reference hit for Tyrone Power and it isn't that he won medals:

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