The rock and roll sex position

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Any flat surface is good for this - a table, a bed, your kitchen counter, literally anything. Get cosy with them and find a corner in your house with stairs, away from the crowd. Also, he can grab your breasts and kiss you while having an amazing time. Maximum Work of intimate muscles: This position not only allows their tongue to have access to your clitoris, but they can also play with your breasts and nipples in this position, ensuring a lot of steamy action for both of you.

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If you're in a hurry, all you have to do while sitting on your partner — in a chair or on the bed — is set a fast, intense pace, and keep it up.

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Sex Position of the Week: The Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ask him to guide your hips with his hands. An improved version of the classic missionary position. Slightly sophisticated classics, from the missionary position differ only by the fact that your legs are on his shoulders. Man Stimulation of the clitoris: In this position, you will both be facing each other, while your partner picks you up — his hands on your butt. Missionary position We usually say "boring" and "ordinary" about the missionary position.

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the rock and roll sex position
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the rock and roll sex position
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