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Two mall security guards confront the mysterious "Cart Boy" who has been stealing shopping carts from the mall's parking lot. In season 6's final episode, he kidnaps Randy at gunpoint, believing he had caused him to lose the paving-company job. Shelley Thompson first appeared as the officiant of Ricky and Lucy's disrupted wedding at the end of Season 1, though she was not identified as Barbara Lahey. Sonny 2 episodes, Coco 2 episodes, He is a bully and criminal who enjoys waving his Beretta 92 around to terrorize the trailer-park residents. Randy's relationship with Lahey mirrors their work hierarchy, with Lahey calling the shots, speaking in a commanding voice, and doing what he wants, while Randy obediently conforms, following orders with a warm "Yes, Mr.

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Placed with Julian's grandmother by his parents at age 6, Bubbles lives in a tool shed with his numerous cats, who are his only family.

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Trailer Park Boys

Young Julian 1 episode, He is known for his numerous "shit" metaphors, such as "shiticane", "a shitapple never falls far from the shit tree", "shiterpillar growing into a shit moth", "shit ropes", "shit hawks", "shitty city", "the winds of shit", "shit blizzard", "shit puppets", "shit line", "shit river", "double-barrelled shit machine gun", "shitageddon", "shitquake", etc. Thomas Collins 3 episodes, Brian Huggins Julian and Ricky have been best friends since childhood, although Julian is often appalled by Ricky's actions. When they are not helping the boys, Cory and Trevor will either be working for J-Roc, looting vehicles, or running the local trailer-park shop with Sarah.

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redhead trailer park boys
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