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Let's say parents ask you not to play videogames with their kids. What hourly rate should I pay my babysitter? And she told her if i was naughty you have every right to give David a very hard spanking. I would all so say spanking of very young children does not help and could be emotional harmful. I will not have my son to behave badly. How does spanking pain like?

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But when i was growing up as child yes the babysitter could give a spanking and the schools and friends houses.

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When I Babysit, Do I Have to Spank Kids if Parents Ask Me to?

I will not have my son to behave badly. Can babysitters spank the kids they are watching? Why is spanking teenagers bad? But older kids are more expected to behave. And parents held back April-July born. With lots of tears and crying and yes it hurt and stung my legs and Bum. But spanking isn't a rule, it's a personal value.

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should babysitters spank
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should babysitters spank
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