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The position of the erect lingam in this sexual posture allows it to penetrate right into the cervix, which leads to the experimenting of some exceptional orgasmic states in the two lovers. Then work it off this dizzying position at your boyfriend. In addition to the exciting deep strokes that he realizes, the man can caress his lover with very much tenderness throughout the body, back, breasts, thighs, intensifying even more the orgasmic experience. You like to dominate your partner in bed? She will help him to more easily control the sexual energy, and if the man is perfectly continent, they will mutually enhance the states.

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This posture also allows you to meditate together and in this way to integrate meditation within your amorous intercourse.

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Tantra Positions of Love Making

For example she can first focus on the dynamic frantic stimulation of the G point, and then she can move so that she experiences states of cervico-uterine orgasm. A secret revealed by the traditional Taoist treaties say that it is very important that the lingam penetrates as deeply as possible, then alternates each five superficial kicks movementswith eights deep strokes. She is the one who has the initiative, moving delicately for a while, then switching to more vigorous movements, leaning at the same time in his arms. Learn, start to alternate standard frictions with the movements back - forward The advantage of this posture for a woman is that she is able to experiment a deep penetration and an excellent stimulation of the G point. Then start to move. Couples can also adopt other sexual positions of deep-penetration, for example the position in which the woman is turned with her back at him sitting on top of his thighs, or when she kneels on the bed or lets herself penetrated by his erect penis.

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sex position carosel
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sex position carosel
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