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Then he took his hand and smacked her left butt cheek really, really hard. We posted the same picture of my bottom and Lauren suggested following this up over the next few days with various tweets about my services, including hash tags on key words, along with new photos. White socks and trainers completed the student look. A few different types or knickers and thongs would give you more than enough options. Nick instructed Andrea to turn around and hold onto the back of one of the chairs. To provide feedback, please e-mail me at GirlsTutor aol.

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Nevertheless, we ended up with a great photo of me over the end of the table and about 20 other perfectly usable pictures, including a lovely one of me standing in the sun by the window in my summer frock.

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I Went To A Spanking Party In NYC And Got My Ass Smacked By A Bunch Of Strangers

Upon discovering that spanking parties are actually a thing that happen in my hood, I decided that I absolutely needed to see this for myself. For the right model, being fit and very attractive, with the ability to take a pretty hard spanking, we are open to starting a dialog regarding work with us in which you remain fully clothed at all times. The average amount of time spent actually being spanked during the 90 minutes is typically less than 5 minutes. Since I don't have sex with these guys, I have convinced myself that it isn't really "sex work" and I am not really a sex worker, but I kind of know that's bullshit. Which is annoying because it prevents me from having sex during that time, since there's only 2 people that know I do this, and there is no way I am explaining to someone I am about to have sex with that, oh, my ass is all bruised today because a man with several umlauts on his name gave me "the strap". This site makes no claims to be comprehensive but it is the best there is at the moment. Margaret, who swooped in like a mama cat protecting her newborn kittens, and pulled us aside to give us a much-needed newbie schpiel.

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