Masturbation and missed periods

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I'm a 19 yr old girl and I prefer touching myself to doing it with boys. I also masturbate a lot and my mentural period has being late for 1month 2 weeks. My vagina hurts after having sex? Menstruation is definitely not affected in any way by masturbation let alone resulting in any health issues. It's just a coincidence. If your masturbation is causing you stress, maybe you should look into getting married.

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Answer Questions Should I take the pill?

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Masturbation and Late Period?

Faints for some seconds after waking up and even when I stand after My age is 19 years female and 62 kg with 5 foot 2 inch height. My organs are working like 47y. There has been a long buildup of myths about connections between masturbation and the menstrual cycle. You should ask your doctor about it unless you are too embarrassed. I am 19 years old and i have never had sex but i do masterbate a lot, a lot more then i should.

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masturbation and missed periods
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masturbation and missed periods
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