Mexican food recipes that totally do not suck

I think it'd be almost a romantic story. We do have one restaurant that is run by a guy from California that married an Italian woman. I live in san diego California I was stationed in Germany many years and lived in Tijuana mexico as a kid. This is what I think of when I think of American food. Calling out only white people? You have to partner with somebody, even if they're not the one who's truly passionate about the food. I have had Mexican food in quite a few other countries, and some have been dull while others were incredible.

Last week, we invited several chefs to speak their mind in an open conversation.

Were those green beans? Both California Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines exist outside the official borders of Mexico, but they still have their own legitimate history, etc. It think that the list is counterproductive. They are pillows of buttery possibility. Where are the Mexican restaurants?

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