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For that reason, preservationists need to be prepared to make the case for preserving historic places based on their historical significance and level of integrity, without making the mistake of selecting only those places that reflect our values. O'Keeffe was a member of the pro-suffrage National Women's Party and once said, 'I believe in women making their own living. Not that it would matter to me if she were to choose to be in a relationship with another female since I love her so much. When she died she left her entire estate to Jaun which created one of the greatest battles in court over who had the rights to her work Yet preservation itself has an uneasy place within planning and only a few programs assert the relevance of preservation to planning education.

Docents are often uncomfortable with controversial topics and fear visitors' responses.

Passion's Flower

A new stage show is celebrating such letters of desire sent by famous figures through the centuries, whether explicit or coded, erotic or romantic. My love is like the sea: Whereas the term queer once was a putdown that meant deviant, it has been reclaimed by GLBT people who now wear the badge of difference proudly and defiantly. The names of women are noted on floor tiles and an additional 39 women, including O'Keeffe, are given their own place settings with vaginal ceramic plate 'portraits'. After leaving school she worked as a commercial artist for Chicago ad agencies before taking an assignment supervising art for schoolchildren in Amarillo, Texas.

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