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One of the spaghetti straps hung loosely from one shoulder. At the end of each training session she would be tied back onto the X and left there. Sakura's moans became wild, like a whore, as her pussy was forced to take all nine inches now of Naruto's cock as he fucked her, he leaned over her, his rock hard abs against her sweaty back, and began whispering dirty in her ear. He then took his other hand, and began massaging Sakura's clit. One of the last scenes he witnessed was Ino licking cum out of Sakura's pussy who was still bent over, and smirked quite happily with himself, promising himself that this was for sure going to happen again. Once finished, she stood next to Naruto arm and arm. After Naruto fucked Haku, things seemed to calm down a bit.

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He could feel goosebumps growing on his thighs as he sat bare-assed on the bed now for they were tugging his bottoms down, when Sakura reached the top of his penis once more and, after playing around with his dickhead with the tip of her tongue, rose higher and stuffed the head of his penis in her mouth.

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Naruto's Sex Stories!

Posted Tue 3rd of September Report. Well, perhaps not never… Naruto could recall times not often that he thought her gaze might have lingered. Go on, tell me that you're my whore. She then concentrated hard in order to channel chakra into the cut. And an important notice: Then came another booming crack.

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free naruto sex stories
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free naruto sex stories
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