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Haley with a little effort matched his thrust by bobbing her head. Haley continued to strip in front of Jake, by now she was down to her skirt, socks and panties. To Jakes surprise Haley laid back on the bed slid her panties off and threw them to the side, she then laid face down wave her round bottom in the air, crawling toward her who stood at the foot of the bed she unzipped his pants and pulled raging hard on from his shorts. She found a video that showed a woman masturbating and quickly got the gist. He thought that he'd seen everything until he saw her lips move as though she was saying something he couldn't hear "ears of the dragon" he called magically giving himself dragon ears. She repositioned herself on the floor she took his dick deeper and deeper down her throat, pulling it out only to say something dirty to the American dragon before her. Well mom's outta town and dad's working late so she's alone, what is she up to' Jake wondered as he followed her to their home.

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Wu dog came into the store on his hind legs and a cup of coffee in hand showing that he was no mere dog but a magical one "the wushu nun chucks have the ability to warm as much as the user wishes for those cold days in battle and it vibrates to give one heck of a back massage ohwaga" the family pet said goofily "it was Sara the naga's favorite weapon but beside smacking someone in the head there's no real danger in a evil doer stealing them" he finished The next day jake hid in the shadows behind some boxes in the dusty magic shop bored and just about to give up on this assignment, he had been there for two hours now.

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Haley returned to her computer to await jakes reply. Haley on the other hand was oblivious to his presence and continued to switch between the nunchucks and her fingers 'wow she does that too? The mostly naked girl had never seen jakes balls before seeing how they weren't shown in her picture, now more turned on than ever she removed her panties throwing them at her big brother he caught them with one hand taking pictures nonstop. The tent in jakes now painfully tight shorts needed relief, but Jake heard his cell phone go off "duude we totally need your help there's like ogres in Central Park and li- boy get yo butt down here and put that dragon fire to their hind sides" Trixie and spud yelled through the phone. The wetness in her panties broke her from her trance and cause her to become worried, she couldn't wake up her parents to tell them because she would have to tell them what she was doing not only that why she was up so late.

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