Are you a transsexual

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Still other young people find that being transgender is just one part of who they are and that they mostly think about all the things that many youth think about—school, dating, work, and family. Yes, you may call yourself a boy. Ask yourself if you identify with your social role. We do the same sorts of things that other kids do for fun, like playing sports, reading, writing, dating, and listening to music. If you feel different, or like you are passing for one of them but are not really one of them, you may be experiencing dysphoria. This is due to the fact that individuals are not always absolutely sure about their gender identity. However, many people find it very important to share who they are with others, especially if they plan to transition publicly.

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Afterwards, it has been wonderful being seen as a woman wherever I go.

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You don't really 'become' transgender. How far you decide to go with it is important, but never as important as accepting yourself because accepting yourself will lead to liking yourself. How do the family and friends of transgender people really feel about the transgender person in their life? You can come out as transgender or tell people you are questioning your gender. I am no longer transsexual.

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are you a transsexual
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are you a transsexual
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