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Yes, this may not be the most convenient thing to do but think about it this way; you would have to stop to switch positions anyway, right? There is also a great deal of variation between women and the rate and amount that they produce natural lubrication, just as there is great variation in men and their production of pre-cum. The first thing to understand is that daily vaginal moisture is different from the lubrication of sexual arousal. Here are some indicators of abnormal discharge: Many times couples, and women themselves, get discouraged during foreplay or sex play because they are not getting lubricated quickly. Fluctuating levels of estrogen throughout the menstrual cycle Foreplay or a lack of it Your mental state Your body produces less estrogen at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle, so your vagina can feel dryer at these times. This lubrication occurs when the glands that surround the opening of the vagina have increased blood flow to the surrounding tissues as a response to sexual arousal.

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So why should this small thing be any different?

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'My girlfriend gets too excited during sex. What does it mean?'

It is not the same thing as natural lubrication that occurs when you reach a high and prolonged state of sexual excitement and arousal. I also suggest that you choose those that have been designed to increase friction or higher sensation during intercourse e. Fluid becomes way thinner, or thicker and more textured Smell: It will soak up much of the lubrication; one of you will just need long fingers to get it out afterwards. Learn more about characteristics and changes in discharge here.

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women getting wet having sex
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women getting wet having sex
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