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How did this all start? Ad nauseum - The topic in question has been discussed extensively, and that those involved in the discussion have grown tired of it. Having the head shaved can be a punishment prescribed in law. And I know many, many people who are in the same boat. Lanugo Androgenic Terminal Vellus. Many BuddhistsHajj pilgrims and Vaisnavasespecially members of the Hare Krishna movement, shave their heads. I live in Los Angeles, and it hasn't gone away here.

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I don't know what the history of it is, but the undercut has been a pretty trendy haircut for guys over the past several years.

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It's just a really common hairstyle. Nope, I'm in the US. Get in the loop - submit. However, after you leave an unbiased response, you can add your own opinion as long as it's clearly marked, starting with "Biased: You can also comment with the phrase [answered] to flair your post. Coherent - Write in complete sentences that are clear about what you are trying to say.

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