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Flannery then placed a hand on top of Candice's hair and look at her in the eyes smiling. After a moment Skyla broke away and Elesa's brain was trying to process what just happened. His all-star team of rare Rock Pokemon makes for a tough match, but underneath his hard exterior and his puffy vest Brock is caring and kind. The Ice Gym Leader smiled with a happy blush as she was being escorted in. Candice then smile happily. I-I love you Candice! Flannery thought about it and said "Well, I did have three gym battles with trainers coming by and they all were great!

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Elesa would even visit Skyla in Mistralton City when she was able.

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Teaching was great and all, but I haven't been doing much gym battles which is way more fun. It was killing Elesa that she couldn't comfort Skyla the way she wanted. And it seemed that Skyla's time working in the mine had done wonders for her. Candice let out a big and cute laugh feeling the tickle Flannery was giving her. Elesa walked into her dressing room and slumped into her chair with a heavy sight. Contains Yuri, nudity, and lemon.

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pokemon girls naked gym leaders
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