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Therefore, the frustration of dealing with a dog that is compulsively licking needs to be met with an understanding that some sort of underlying trigger may exist and that dealing with that trigger is critical to solving the problem. It is no wonder that many pet owners have reported that their dogs lick them when they have to convey something important like they're hungry or they want to urinate. Dog Behaviors and What They Mean. I can only speak for my household. The moment you approach a dog, it is quite customary for it to smell you. Behavioral components of the condition also need to be addressed.

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By realizing the smell of a person, they can relate to them and remember them better.

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Hopefully you can coax him into "kisses", but again, dogs are individuals and don't all do that kind of thing. These include skin tumors, other granulomas masses due to chronic inflammationand deep bacterial or fungal infections. Oftentimes, a combination of behavioral factors and skin factors is to blame for lick granulomas. It is perfectly normal for a dog not to lick. Many cases require long-term care at home and adjustment of treatments when the lesion reappears. Guard Dogs that Don't Shed.

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