Becoming a interracial church

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The patriots of a hundred years ago are being overrun by the Polish Jews, and Italians, and Irish peasants who are flocking to America in droves Smith stated that the church founder had declared that the priesthood ordination was void for Elijah Abel who only had one black great-grandparent Abel was referred to as an octoroon man at the time for his one-eighth black heritage from a mixed-race marriage long ago. The next year [], President McKay addressed a similar issue regarding a woman who had been to the temple and subsequently married a black man. These are all major issues standing in the way of becoming a multi-ethnic church. Marriage takes work, commitment and sacrificial love, no matter what the racial combination.

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Bob Jones University, a Christian college with notable alumni such as evangelist Billy Graham and Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind series, had a school policy banning interracial dating up until

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Interracial marriage and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Such unions would also help civilize the Indians so that they could fulfill the Book of Mormon precedent to become 'white, delightsome, and just. I fully agree the Negro is entitled to considerations, also stated above, but not full social benefits nor inter-marriage privileges with the Whites, nor should the Whites be forced to accept them into restricted White areas. Since then they continue celebrate diversity and now have minority leadership. After all, one person can only be married to one individual. Selection of a marriage partner, on the other hand, involves specific and not general criteria. Smith asserted that his uncle [Joseph Smith] declared the ordination of the 'octoroon' Elijah Abel 'null and void' when he discovered that Abel was 'tainted with negro blood.

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becoming a interracial church
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becoming a interracial church
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