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Seriously; just look at her! Legends say or more like internet says that her psychic powers hinder her ability to communicate verbally. Just look at her face full of joy and sunshine! She's just smokin' hot, if she'd only take away the lame haircut The way her and her Lucario interact with each other is also absolutely adorable. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

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Anyone who chooses Iris is a pedophile.

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Kanto Leaders

Jasmine is the Johto steel-type leader that you first encounter in Gold and Silver. Ignore Posts by Mentalii. Oh wait, she's wearing green, she's obviously a grass-type user. Can you beat this combination? Find all posts by Chibi Et Random. With skills inherited from my grandfather, I shall, uh

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sexy pokemon girl gym leaders
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  1. not La Rue...just Pizneaches dawg. Did like two scenes in the early 2000s. Got some photos online that aren't hard to find.