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The buttons on his shirt were beginning to strain as well. This was one of the rare instances that saw Matt leave his apartment since he had gained pounds. By the time he was polishing off his 3rd cookie, they imagined that they could see the outlines and contours of his increasingly chubby body against his shrinking clothes swell before their very eyes. The next night, back in front of the mirror, I checked myself out again before increasing my weight again — chubbing myself up by an extra 80lbs. As I stood on the little balcony of my flat, I desperately wished for a resolution. Looks like hes been stealing chips from her plate.

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When the deed was done, I exhaled heavily and we spooned in the back seats I was obviously big spoon! He grabbed the box and sat down on the kitchen table. I unbelted him and he ripped off my tight shirt to expose my soft chest and abdomen. George sat back and burped. Matt was acutely aware of how much this caused his new tits to shake. He began to feel disappointed and foolish until about 20 minutes later… As Jay flipped through the music stations, Matt felt a sudden, noticeable expansion in his gut, as though he had just consumed a huge meal. Dude Offline or Private Last On:

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erotic male weight gain stories
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erotic male weight gain stories
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