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With a splintering sound, the coffee table legs broke, snapping off at one end, leaving the Lucario on her back, inclined backwards, with her ass in the air, head lower than her hindquarters. Lucario saw I was deep in thought and she was worried, "Mark are you ok? I sighed when I saw all the stuff in it. His female trainer was leaning against him, dressed in nothing but a pink skirt and white top, hair left long and loose, black, cascading down her back while she rubbed her hand idly through the fur of his flank. She seemed to approve of the way he fucked her muzzle, tightening her jaws on him to increase the pressure, tongue coiling about him as he moved, her tailtip flicking back and forth with delight, eyes narrowing to slits as she sucked repeatedly at the thrusting cock.

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She smiled, slid all the cards to the bottom of the deck, and started again.

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I found this school on route A Different Kind of Bonding Chapter 2 3. She slid him lightly into her muzzle, ears perking as she watched the two of the pleasing the Lucario, who laid back a little bit more, his ears splaying backwards and tailtip swirling in the water as precum began to drool from his thick tip, quickly suckled and tasted upon by two eager human mouths, their tongues touching as they french-kissed heatedly around his twitching member. Chris took a deep breath and summed up his nerve. He saw it, in the second round, after the fourth card was flipped over.

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