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Even a few of the henchman were scared enough to flee the room. And this frustrated me to no end. The way it lit up, it was easy to see it held some sort of electric charge. Fishing off the rest of the underwear, I paused only a second watching it peel off the damp skin of her crotch before completely taking them off and throwing them across the room. Getting ready to stand, Kim shifted in her sleep capturing my attention. Still unable to see Kim fully, I was only allowed to see through my fingers as I explored the inner workings of her sex. Stoppable, I had to think about Kim.

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I've always wanted to feel it.

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Starting to get nervous, my back once again found a home with the steel pillar. Looking around the room like a startled chipmunk, I knew my actions were weirding her out. And imagining just that, the last of my resolve crumbled away leaving only anticipation, and a shortness of breath as I anxiously positioned myself over her. Nothing distracted me better than babbling like a fool. Running over to the closed door, I peeked into the hallway to see if anyone had heard the commotion I had made. Okay, I had my fun. A million scenarios must have passed through my head during those last two hours of school, and not one of them ending well.

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kim possible hypnotized nude
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  1. been looking for the one with that redhear in red for months no luck. if anybody knows where it is posted I would be so grateful. thx op this is also appreciated