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Leo Compatibility with Leo Astrology: Cats may seem perfectly normal even when they are not feeling well, and can remain outwardly stoic until their suffering becomes intolerable. Because they are both predators and prey, they adapted this as a crucial survival strategy. If this is the case, figuring out what is causing the stress and reducing it as much as possible can help. Male, unneutered Stud tail, an infection of the supracaudal gland, is a common problem in unneutered male animals though it occasionally afflicts neutered males and females.

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This condition causes hair loss near the base of the tail and oily, crusty skin coated in a foul-smelling waxy substance.

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The Top 10 Cat Health Problems

Treatment varies based on the type of parasite, but typically involves eliminating the parasite from the pet and making sure that the home is also clear of adult parasites and eggs. Feline Entertainers Famous Cats: Because the problem in cats is often triggered by stressful conflicts in multicat households, taking steps to reduce such conflicts is beneficial see How to Prevent Cat Conflicts for more information. Steroid medications, flea treatment, or a prescription diet may be needed. Fleas and Other Parasites Risk Factors: You can test for fleas by combing your cat or dog thoroughly and placing any debris from the comb onto a piece of damp white paper towel or tissue. How should I warm up and cool down?

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cat peeing weight loss bald patches
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cat peeing weight loss bald patches
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